Use Chalk, Get a Better Grip

Published: 09th September 2010
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If you are a beginner in sports like weightlifting, gymnastics or you have just started exercising at a gym, you might like to know why it is important to use quality chalk powder or chalk balls in your sport or gym. Read on to know more about it

One of the problems common to all sports that require physical exertion is sweat. While it is not possible to stop sweating as it is a natural body process, it may create problems in some sports which require a good grip like weightlifting, rock climbing and during exercising in the gym. So how do athletes deal with this problem? If you are an athlete or have a keen interest in sports, you might be aware of the chalk powder used by athletes in all sporting events to absorb sweat and get a strong grip, mostly in sports like weightlifting.

If we take weightlifting as an example, in Olympics, participants attempt to lift the maximum weight in a single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. In Olympic weightlifting, the lifts completed are clean & jerk and snatch. The main focus in Olympic weightlifting is not just on strength but also flawless execution of the lifts. It requires all- power, strength, concentration and great lifting technique to perform successful weightlifting. If the iron bar slips, even once, the lift cannot be perfect. Hence, the athletes need to ensure that they have a strong grip on the bar. Therefore it becomes very important for them to properly chalk their hands before lifting, so they don't lose the grip. Chalk not only gives a better grip, but also helps to reduce the rips and tears that athletes can get due to regular weightlifting.

Not only weightlifting, if you observe a good grip is required in many other sports and activities. Gymnasts, for example, require a very good grip. Not just sports, even an adventure lover can find chalk useful. If you are a passionate rock climber and have been to or plan to go for a rock climbing trip to some of the most amazing locations like El Capitan in the US, Wharepapa in New Zealand, Pearl Rock in South Africa and many other thrilling locations, you might be aware of the necessity to carry chalk powder or chalk balls with you. If you are a beginner and you would like to know everything about rock climbing, chalk helps you get a better grip for constant climbing and helps to reduce the rips and tear from the rough surfaces. Even sport climbing, in which you climb with the help of anchors drilled into the wall; the importance of a good grip can hardly be undermined.

Apart from these sports which heavily rely on a good grip, chalk is also important when it comes to regular exercising at the gym. Chalk comes in two forms, powder and chalk balls. The purpose behind chalk balls is that the chalk doesn't fall here and there in the gym and create a mess. It is cleaner as compared to powder. Chalk balls are made from magnesium carbonate and include some other materials depending on the quality of the chalk powder to reduce the hardness in your hands and keep them bacteria free. If you are an athlete or exercise regularly at a gym or you love rock climbing, it is advisable to use good quality chalk for rock climbing, use in gym or sports like weightlifting, gymnastics or any other sport requiring a good grip.

This article has been written by an expert working for Primo Chalk, a leading firm manufacturing chalk ball and chalk powder for rock climbing, gym and other sports.


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